How Our Earth Was formed billions of years? A Journey Back in Time


Come, today we will go back in time and know from the beginning our journey from a piece of rock to a home rich in life, so let us go back in time. Was a little further back.About 4.6 billion years ago, our solar system and a newly born star with dust and rocks revolving around it. There is not even a trace of our earth here.

The Early Earth

We have come a little too far back in time. The process of formation of the earth has not yet started, but its foundation has been prepared. These rocks and dust are bound together by gravity. After many millions of years, it has now turned into a giant rock ball. But we cannot call it Earth because now it is very hot. It is similar to today’s Venus i.e. Venus.

About 4.5 billion years ago today. The surface of the earth is completely covered with boiling lava. Don’t try to put your foot down even by mistake, otherwise, you won’t have any feet left to put it down again. At present, the temperature of the earth’s surface is about 1200 degree Celsius, that is, this place is no less than hell. There is not even a trace of oxygen here.

The Formation of the Moon

Asteroids are continuously raining on the earth, which is creating rivers of lava several kilometers long opening on the surface. And these Stotz are not distant, but Earth’s neighbors, which are constantly colliding with it. Look above, this is a new novel grub, which is rapidly moving towards us and ie Earth. At a speed of about 15 kilometers per second i.e. 20 times faster than the speed of a bullet.

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We have to welcome it because of this our beautiful moon will be created. Now our earth is surrounded by pieces of countless rocks from all sides. There are so many rocky pieces here that at this time our earth has also got its own ring similar to the planet Saturn, which is divided into two parts just like a ring of Saturn. The first ring is between today’s Earth and the Moon and the second is behind the Moon. Asteroids rained continuously on the earth from this ring, but the real rain of Astro AIDS Still hasn’t started. Now this ring will slowly turn into a 3000-kilometer-wide bullet body due to gravity. And here we are watching the birth of our moon. This is our moon. There is no stain in it at the moment and it is now very close to our earth, due to which it is visible to us so big.

Late Heavy Bombardment

Its surface is still completely made of hot lava and due to being so close, it is continuously exerting its attraction effect on the earth. After about 30,00,000 years, something is going to happen in our solar system, about which you hardly know. The gases of our solar system are changing their orbits and due to this change, a gravitational mess is being created between the asteroids and comments of the solar system. zone and commentsMars, Venus, Mercury, and our Earth are being pushed directly into the interior of the Solar System. This is the time when our moon is going to get its famous spots due to these asteroids.

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This period is called the Late Heavy Bombard. By the way, our moon was also very very hot at this time. It shone like a big London in the sky and it was so close to the Earth that its gravity was affecting our Earth 25 times more than today. A day on our earth was not 24 hours but only six hours. And because of this, waves in the earth’s lava rivers rose up to 20 times higher than today’s sea waves. But good luck to our moon which will gradually move away from our earth with time and due to this the earth will start slowing down and the lava rivers will start cooling which will form the earth’s surface.

The Early Solar System

This huge bright moon is not the only thing that will attract your attention in the sky at this time, but now you will also get to see two very bright stars in the sky. But both of them are not really stars. These two are actually houses. Jupiter and friend, the inner planets of the solar system such as our Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all rocky planets and they cannot remain in the form of molten lava for long, but the same Peter and Saturn are actually gas giants, which That can easily stay hot for a long time.

At the time of the earth’s birth, the temperature of fear was 5000 degree Celsius and 3000 degree Celsius. This means that Jupiter was brighter than ours at that time, as scientists say that the stars become brighter with their lives, so at that time our sun was 30% less bright than today but after four billion years in the long run. This planet A will also gradually cool down. Let’s go back to our earth. Methane is currently the only gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. Do not breathe in it even by mistake, otherwise, you will die within a few minutes. During Late Heavy, the earth was also showered with continuous rains, which carried water with them into the earth. This water created the sea on the earth. The earth was now surrounded by sea on all sides, but there was neither land to set foot on nor oxygen to breathe. Our earth has become worthy of being called Earth to some extent, but still, the seed of life could not be formed in it. After all, what happened after this and how did life begin on Earth?

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