10 Benefits of Lemongrass Tea for a Healthier Winter

Lemongrass tea boosts the immune system and protects against illness, making it a perfect winter pick.

It has antioxidant characteristics that may reduce inflammation in the body, which is helpful in the winter when dry, cold air can worsen inflammation.

Lemongrass tea may help lower stress and improve sleep quality, both of which can be impacted over the holidays.

It has a warm, comforting taste that can help soothe a sore or scratchy throat and ease the pain that comes with it.

Lemongrass tea may have diuretic qualities, which can help flush away extra water and relieve bloating.

On a chilly winter day, it might assist to warm the body from the inside out and create a comfortable and comforting feeling.

Lemongrass tea may offer antibacterial qualities that eliminate harmful microorganisms and protect against sickness.

It can be a great alternative to coffee or sugary hot drinks because it has no caffeine and is naturally low in calories.

Lemongrass tea may reduce inflammation in the respiratory system and ease asthma and allergy symptoms.

Its crisp, citrusy flavor can help boost the mood during the dreary winter months.